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Abbey 1ST October 2021

Sarah is an amazing driving instructor, makes you feel very at ease and helps massively with your confidence. Would highly recommend Sarah. ."

Jacob 24TH September 2021

One of the best driving instructors I think will ever have had the pleasure of meeting. She, through diligence and understanding, helped me break some of the barriers that I had letting me pass first time. ."

Joseph 21st September 2021

Sarah is an amazing driving instructor who is great at getting your driving up to test standard but also providing great tips and tricks and is also excellent at helping with calming down anxious drivers. Highly recommended! ."

Sophia 26TH August 2021

A really good driving instructor she helped me pass my test first time, very patient and always knowing answers to question! Thank you :) ."

QUINN July 2021

Started of my first driving lesson with Sarah back in the start of 2020 around my birthday, just around the beginning of Corona. Though it was tough getting through each lesson as I was a very slow learner, Sarah stuck with me and made sure I’d be 100% ready by the time I had my test. I managed to fail my first test, and got completely lucky managing to get a cancellation around a month after my first fail which was extremely lucky, I was unsure weather Sarah would be able to take me to this test as it was at 8:10AM! But she accepted the feat and we got a pass! I would like to thank Sarah for everything. 10/10 would recommend De Ville’s driving school weather you’re starting completely from scratch like me or whatever the case may be. Thank you ."

Olivia H - 29th July 2019

"Amazing !!!
Most amazing driving experience with sarah. She has so much patience and I never once had a dull lesson! Very reliable,she got me through my test for at times and I will miss her. ."

Eddie M - 15th May 2019

"Brilliant experience amazing instructor, that helped me to not only learn to drive, but to build my confidence in myself as well, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun relaxing and skilled instructor."

Connor W - 2nd March 2019

"6 out of 5 stars
I can highly recommend Sarah for any learner driver. Sarah is very professional, fun patient and instantly puts any driver at ease as soon as they get behind the wheel. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and she definitely knows what she doing. She helped me pass first time. thank you Sarah for all your support and encouragement right from my first ever lesson right to test day."

Shanon H - 27th March 2018

"Sarah is such a brilliant instructor she was reccomend by a friend and I would 100% reccomend her to anyone else. She really boosted my confidence Nd he pt me calm at all times! It was such a pleasure to be taught by her."

Emily H. - Sept 2016

"An amazing driving instructor. Will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to pass your test first time and become a really confident driver. Sarah always gives clear and concise instructions so you always know exactly what you're doing and so you never feel nervous or stressed. Above all she makes learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience!"

Emily P. - Jan 2017

"Without a doubt a 5* driving instructor. Sarah is so calm and patient and makes learning to drive genuinely enjoyable. She never fails to make me smile and gives me confidence. Thank you for all your help Sarah !"

Amy M. - April 2017

"I am so so so pleased that I was recommended Sarah by a friend! After my first 6 months of driving with a different instructor where I had a very bad experience I was left nervous and not believing in myself or my ability. But Sarah made me feel completely at ease and quickly got me to enjoy driving. I genuinely looked forward to my lessons and miss them now that I have passed. I never thought I would pass first time but thanks to Sarah believing in me I did! I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Natalya - March 2017

"Sarah is a fantastic driving instructor. I've had really bad experiences with driving and a particular local driving school so I came to Sarah. My previous experience made me a nervous driver but after just a few sessions with Sarah I felt more confident. Driving became instinctive and natural. She's great at teaching by breaking down all manoeuvres in simple, no nonsense language. I'd highly recommend her. I'm so grateful to her."

Scott - April 2017

"Fantastic driving instructor, I couldn't have asked for better! Passed first time. Especially recommend for those who are especially nervous and lack confidence as she is calm and reassuring and very patient. "

Tel: 07788 568987

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